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Published on January 30th, 2023

Top tips when planning your perfect kitchen

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Lovely white kitchen.

The kitchen is undeniably the heart of every home. It's where you start your day with a cup of coffee, prepare meals, bond with family, catch up with friends, grab a quick snack, and even enjoy some music over a glass of wine. In essence, it's the centre of all activity. Hence, when selecting your new kitchen, it's crucial to consider every detail, especially the finer ones.

While choosing the ideal larder and colour scheme are important decisions, it's the little things that make a kitchen perfect. For instance, placing the fridge within reach while cooking, having a designated spot for chopping boards, and organising the bin in a way that maximises functionality. In other words, combining practicality with personal preferences is the foundation of a great kitchen design.

The key to creating a stunning yet functional kitchen is to understand how you will be using the space, particularly when cooking and preparing meals. This involves maximising your kitchen space, designing multipurpose islands, and getting creative with storage solutions. So, whether you're renovating your existing kitchen or starting from scratch, here are our top tips for creating a space that's both beautiful and practical.

Worktop space is key

Worktop space.

When designing your ideal kitchen, the primary consideration should be to utilise every available inch of space, with a special emphasis on worktops and counters. These surfaces are essential for meal preparation, gadget and appliance display, dish storage, remote work, dining, and socialising. However, it's easy to overlook the amount of counter space you'll need, so it's crucial to carefully consider how you intend to use these surfaces.

Innovative storage solutions are essential


When it comes to kitchen design, storage cannot be excessive, and the most effective way to maximise your storage capacity is by thinking creatively. Utilise the space between your wall and base cabinets by installing magnetic strips, add a spice rack to the back of your larder doors, and consult with our designers about innovative under-sink organisation.

Incorporate pull-out storage options such as a larder at the end of your worktop and folding corner cupboards. Consider adding drawers to your kitchen island for easy access to bulky items and utilising any extra floor space by installing a harvest table as an additional food preparation area. Create a plan for all items in your kitchen, regardless of their size, and assign a designated storage space for each, and then stick to that plan.