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Published on February 24th, 2023

Ovens are more than a ‘hot box’!

Cooking Appliances
White marble kitchen countertops, with cooker hood, hob and black facias. Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash.

In the past, an oven was nothing more than a basic heat chamber situated above an open fire. However, today's ovens have come a long way, with the Aga being a prime example of significant improvements. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have the budget or space to accommodate such a large oven. Moreover, while many people appreciate the benefits of range cooking, it can be quite challenging to adjust to initially.

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens have evolved into sophisticated appliances that seamlessly blend into modern integrated kitchens. Double gas ovens designed to fit within tall oven housing cabinets have been available for some time, but the innovative "slot in" under worktop double gas oven has gained popularity. It features a sleek design with a plinth that connects neighbouring cupboards, creating a fully fitted modern look. These ovens are complemented by a gas hob that fits snugly into a cut-out section of the worktop. This built-in configuration not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies the cleaning process in the cooking area.

Electric ovens

Electric ovens, on the other hand, have experienced remarkable technological advancements. Surprisingly, these models are now available at reasonable prices and offer features such as fans, forced air circulation, variable heat from both above and below, and even microwave or steam functions. If you aspire to enhance your culinary skills and enjoy consistent high-quality food preparation, exploring the options available with these ovens is highly recommended. You'll uncover useful techniques, like using bottom heat in combination with forced air, which effectively eliminates the problem of soggy pastry often encountered when making fruit pies.