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Published on June 8th, 2023

How good hob design can improve safety

Cooking Appliances Health and Safety
Woman in grey T-shirt, standing in front of kitchen sink, cooking on a ceramic hob countertop kitchen. Photo by CottonBro Studio on Pexels.

Ensuring hob safety is of utmost importance, as it is a significant source of accidents in the kitchen. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize safety considerations when purchasing a hob.

Safety First

Before making a final decision, visit a showroom and assess the stability of pans on display hobs. Take note that some gas rings may be particularly unstable. Additionally, a well-thought-out kitchen layout can greatly contribute to hob safety. Ideally, you should be able to transfer a pan from the hob to the sink without crossing a high-traffic area. Optimal safety measures involve surrounding the hob with ample worktop space, allowing for a secure area to place hot pans and ensuring that handles do not protrude into walkways or become excessively hot over neighbouring rings.

If your hob is positioned at the end of a unit run, there is a risk of accidentally knocking a pan onto the floor. Placing it next to a sink bowl increases the potential for splashes, which may react violently with hot fats. It is important to avoid positioning the hob near a window, as users may reach across it, putting themselves at risk of injury. Furthermore, the proximity of curtains to the hob poses a fire hazard. Nowadays, the use of chip pans is discouraged due to their tendency to catch fire dramatically. In the event of such a fire, it is crucial not to move the pan or attempt to extinguish it with water. Instead, if possible, turn off the heat and cover the pan with a thick blanket. Wise homeowners keep a fire blanket in the kitchen as a precautionary measure.

Cleanliness is next to...

To maintain hob safety, keep the surfaces and components clean, especially when using a gas hob. Dirt or debris can cause the ignition system to fail. When lighting a gas ring, always double-check that it has ignited properly, ensuring that the auto spark or pilot light has functioned correctly from the outset. After cooking, be diligent about switching off all heat sources. If you have children in the household, consider investing in a hob guard or a hinged metal cover that conceals hot plates and controls, effectively reducing the risk of accidents involving little fingers.

By prioritizing hob safety and implementing these recommendations, you can create a secure and comfortable cooking environment in your kitchen.