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Published on June 12th, 2023

Designing a kitchen for disability

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Woman and man in a wheelchair sat at kitchen table, preparing food in the kitchen.

In today's era, kitchens can be thoughtfully designed to provide accessibility for individuals with different abilities, without incurring additional expenses. It all comes down to the experience and creativity of the kitchen planner. Reputable kitchen specialists typically work with manufacturers offering a wide range of cabinet sizes that can be adapted safely and effectively. Similarly, there are appliances specifically suited to wheelchair users.

Kitchen Layout

The layout should allow enough space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre comfortably. Opting for matte surfaces instead of shiny ones, incorporating bright and contrasting handles, plugs, and sockets, installing spotlighting on work surfaces, and using textured dial controls can greatly assist those with visual impairments. Placing sockets in worktops or cupboard plinths instead of midway on the wall is just as feasible. The aim is to ensure safe and easy accessibility. Adjusting the height of the worktop may be necessary, along with strategic gaps underneath to allow seated users to work comfortably at the surface. Wall cabinets should be hung at an appropriate height, and floor units can be equipped with casters or steel pull-outs for added mobility.

Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to ovens and hobs, having them at different levels ensures they are positioned at suitable heights. For enhanced safety, consider using an induction hob that generates heat only when in contact with a steel or iron pan. Pull-out fridges and dishwashers are available, and control knobs can be made more readable with raised epoxy tactile dots. Leave ample space under sinks to accommodate wheelchairs. Opt for wide and shallow sinks with insulated bowls to prevent discomfort from heat. Lever taps placed near the front, clearly marked as hot and cold, are also incredibly helpful.

Some of these ideas may be applicable to your existing kitchen. However, if you're considering a new kitchen, you have the right to expect a design that caters to your specific needs, regardless of your level of ability.