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Published on March 14th, 2023

Can I change my kitchen simply by renewing the doors?

Style & Design
Kitchen cabinets. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

In the market, you'll find various companies offering the option to save money by simply replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts instead of purchasing an entirely new kitchen. While this can be a viable solution for some, it's important to consider the overall condition of your appliances and cupboards. If your kitchen layout suits your needs, the appliances are modern and reliable, the cabinet carcases are clean with smoothly running drawers and sturdy hinges, but you simply want to change the colour or style of the fronts, then replacing them can be a suitable choice. However, it's crucial to be aware that if you opt for a radical colour change, the new fronts may not perfectly match the edge bands and plinths of your existing cupboards. It's best to avoid a mismatched appearance, such as oak doors on a white laminate carcase.

Kitchen Costs

It's worth noting that doors and drawer fronts are typically the most expensive components of a kitchen unit. When you factor in the labour involved in fitting and adjusting hinges, the overall cost may be higher than expected. If your current fronts appear worn and shabby, it's likely that the cupboards themselves are in need of attention, and the worktop may also require replacement. For many serious kitchen users, it's often more beneficial to invest in a complete kitchen replacement, allowing for a safe and customized design that meets their specific needs.

Kitchen Functionality

While the appearance of the front is important in terms of aesthetics, it's essential to prioritize the functionality of the cupboard as a whole. The carcase must be robust and well-sealed against water penetration. Drawer runners and hinges should be in excellent condition, and drawers need to have a sturdy base and a stop mechanism to prevent them from being pulled out completely and causing spills. Ultimately, the front serves the purpose of keeping dirt, pets, and children out of storage areas while contributing to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen.