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Published on July 1st, 2023

A modern version of the pressure cooker

Cooking Appliances
Pressure-cooking put on gas stove. Image by Pixabay.

Do you remember those old pressure cookers with their distinct hissing sound? They certainly had their advantages, but with the rise of microwaves and more advanced conventional ovens, they have gradually fallen out of favour. However, steam cooking is now making a comeback in the culinary world. Thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to purchase a multifunction oven that includes a steam feature, offering unparalleled versatility within a standard-sized appliance.

Healthy Cooking

One of the notable benefits of steam cooking, similar to steam pressure-cooking, is the creation of healthier dishes. This cooking method minimizes the loss of vitamins and nutrients while preserving the food's texture. When preparing joints of meat, they remain succulent and don't shrink as they retain their moisture, unlike when subjected to simple heat or microwave cooking.

For many individuals, the main allure lies in the speed of steam cooking. It can significantly reduce cooking times, sometimes by up to 30%. By placing the joint on a specially designed casserole with steam emanating from the base, the desired results are achieved. An integrated reservoir in the oven retains water and only requires periodic refilling. Additionally, the presence of moisture resulting from a "steamy session" simplifies oven cleaning, as the sides are easier to wipe down.

When dealing with hollow meats like poultry, a ventilating spike can be used to release steam and facilitate cooking from the inside out. This addresses a common issue with poultry, as it eliminates any raw spots within the meat that may retain foodborne pathogens even after cooking.

If you are considering investing in a new oven, I highly recommend exploring the steam alternative. By opting for this option, you not only gain access to a multifunctional appliance but also open the door to a healthier cooking method for your meats.