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Is the glue used in cabinets dangerous?

Some press reports suggested a danger with formaldehyde, a glue component used in chipboard. Quality manufacturers use E1 graded board that complies with the tough German ministry of health limit. E1 graded board gives off less formaldehyde than that excreted by a human and a fraction of the amount that is given off by a cigarette.

Will a new kitchen add value to my home?

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Buy a new kitchen because you want one or need one. If you are selling your home and your kitchen is adequate, replacing it may not add value as it may not be to the new owner's taste and he may have to buy a new one.

Do I need a dishwasher?

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If you enjoy washing by hand, no! However modern machines use less water, detergent and power than ever before and wash hotter using really powerful cleaners giving a hygienic wash result. You can save around 500 hours a year so it is worth thinking about. If you have a small kitchen or live alone, choose a slimline model.

How long have microwaves been around?

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Many think that microwave ovens are a fairly new invention but the first was tested in 1945. The heart of the machine is the 'magnatron', a vital component in WW2 radars and its ability to heat was discovered by accident!

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